Mooilash Fashion / 時尚黒天鵝睫毛

*調整眼型  *嫁接面積加大特殊橢圓根部設計,延長嫁接面積

*Eyeliner effect  *Larger contact surfaces

The bottom of lashes is oval and the area for application is extended, which creates delicate eyeliner makeup effect and is the best solution for people with fewer eyelashes.

ace gel 250g
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Mooilash Camellia 山茶花睫毛

Speedy~Creating a world record of applying 300 lashes in 20 minutes, faster than traditional eyelash extension technique by 6 times. 

Natural~Original blossoming technique is created to make eyelashes scatter naturally.

Comfortable~Premium fine and light materials are applied to reduce the weight by 70%, making lashes spread out freely and comfortably.

Finest~The finest diameter in the world, only 0.04mm 

Lasting~Perfect quality and technique combined with the eyelash glue make it last double the amount of time. 


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電話: (852)9389 5851

地圖: 香港觀塘開源道62號駱駝漆大廈第二座3樓A5
Limited Edition for Japan Beauty World 2016